Built by a former NASA electrical engineer and Universal Studios contractee, this

Delorean Time Machine

is not only screen accurate, but can also perform most of the special effects as seen in the movies.

If the Delorean reaches 88mph, it will automatically activate a spectacular time travel mode that will light up the entire car, and many other props will begin to come alive as they did in the movie. Whilst all this is happening, the time travelling sound effects will burst from the external audio system to really add that touch of magic to the whole experience. (This mode can also be enabled manually, and whilst on display).

Everything can be activated wirelessly at the push of a button, along with many audio clips, allowing you to play those memorable sound tracks including Power of Love, Back in Time, and the dramatic theme tune. Also available, are some unforgettable quotes from Marty, Biff, and of course Doc Brown himself.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of this particular Delorean Time Machine, is the hover conversion that Goldie Wilson III was offering in the year 2015. As seen at the end of Part 1 and Part 2, I am able to have the car look like it is hovering when on display! Please refer to the gallery for detailed images.

Although this Delorean Time Machine is by no means official, it was recently featured inside Universal Studios Florida (Hard Rock Cafe) which adds a nice bit of a history to the car.

Extremely unique opportunities available for:

Corporate Events - Sci-Fi Conventions - Advertising

Weddings - TV & Movie Appearances - Birthdays

Grand Openings- Car Shows - Parties

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